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Real-time emissions inventory and offset.

We create solutions for calculating and offsetting GHG emissions embedded in global digital platforms such as ecommerce, on-demand service apps, ticketing, air fares, hospitalitality, travelling, car rental, logistics and much more.

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Compensação de Emissões
Taxas e Impostos
Carbono Neutro

How it works.


In a super simple process, we connect our API to the checkout or dashboard from our partners' digital platforms to calculate the green house gasses emission inventory and to give users the option to offset their emissions from your service (alternatively, giving your company the option to cover this cost).


The user opts-in for the carbon neutral experience, and we'll setup the emissions offset strategy choosing and retiring the carbon credits from one of Orma Credits' bundle, completing the offset process. Done!


Our special sauce: we setup your cliamte action with institutional partnerships, an accountability and market intelligence platform, creating ESG content and engagement strategies.

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Confirm Green
Carbon Neutral
On-demand services apps.

Linked to the checkout of applications and platforms, we calculate the emissions from the delivery of products and services – such as on-demand food delivery and ride apps.

This calculation – process called carbon emissions inventory – is used to offer users, right within the checkout, the option to offset these emissions in an affordable, secure and convenient way – making their experience carbon neutral.

Main types of apps.
Food delivery and groceries
Transportation and logistics
Urban mobility
Courrier and shipping
Corporate services marketplaces

Through apps in commerce clouds apps or convenient integration to custom platforms, we connect our API to the cart or checkout of ecommerce platforms – whether stores or marketplaces – to calculate emissions and offer your customers the option of carbon neutral shipping.

Commerce Clouds
We are currently in the process of integrating with other commerce clouds. If you want to connect to your platform, please contact our team.
Custom integration
We've built an API set for speedy and convenient integration with large marketplaces, requiring only a brief interaction with one front-end developer and one back-end developer for a few hours.
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Carbon Neutral Shipping
Carbon Offset
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Carbon Neutral
Carbon neutral experience in pretty much any platform.
Car rental – car rental companies can now offer an option to offset greenhouse gases emissions to their clients – either from their own booking platform, or during check-in/checkout, giving the opportunity of an affordable and convenient carbon neutral experience.
Travel and hospitality – marketplaces de viagens ou plataformas próprias de companhias aéreas e hospitalidade, podem entregar uma experiência carbono neutro a seus clientes, ao oferecer a compensação de estadias em hotéis, roteiros completos, passagens aéreas, automóveis – tudo de dentro da sua plataforma.
Logistics platform – fleet management platforms, cargo, freight forwarders, can offer their customers carbon neutral shipping, in all modes (road, air, sea, rail), in the pre-, during and after-sale.
Plataformas de ingressos e financeiras – we've developed a unique solution in Latin America for consumers to offset the impact of their products and services in the climate through payment platforms, bank apps, POS systems and tickets marketplaces.
Want to know more?

We can connect our API to basically any service platform. To show you how we can integrate into your platform, please get in touch.


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