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How an offset process works?

1. Emissions Inventory

We identify the emitting sources and quantify the total amount of greenhouse gases from an activity or process. This result is expressed in tons of equivalent carbon (tCO₂e).

This is the process we offer on digital platforms for products and services with Orma API, for your car at Orma Auto, for your company with Orma Corp, and for small businesses with the Repenso movement.

Estátua Orma com chave na mão.

2. Compensation platform.

Carbon credits

A carbon credit is a financial asset generated by social and environmental projects, allowing organizations and individuals to fund the transition to a low carbon future.

Each carbon credit represents the non-emission of one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO₂e) in the atmosphere. 

After reducing your emissions as much as you can, buying carbon credits is the best way to take climate action.

The major difficulty is precisely how to know how much an activity emits – its emissions inventory – and where to find credits with the best market standards – and for that, we created Orma Credits.

Types of project
Projeto energia renovavel Orma.
Renewable Energy Generation

Renewable energy generation projects from hydro, wind and solar sources.

Icone para projetos REDD.
Avoided Deforestation

Forest preservation projects with a high social and environmental impact, among them the famous REDD+.

Orma Carbon Credito Carbono
Fuel Change in small plants

Projects to replace native firewood, which was previously deforested, by renewable biomass residues (rice husk, sawdust, açaí kernels) in the production process of small businesses.

3. Awareness

Activating your climate action – our specialty at Orma.

We create institutional partnerships, accountability platforms and everything to engage all stakeholders in building a low-carbon economy.
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