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Innovative and customized solutions for corporate climate action.

Orma Carbon introduces Orma Corp – climate management and corporate action service. Custom white label platforms; offset programs for customers and consumers; calculate and offset emissions from your operations – all to ensure your company's ESG impact.

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ESG platforms.

We integrate systems and combine our solutions – e.g. Orma API, Orma Auto and carbon market access – to create customized platforms for measuring and offsetting emissions for specific niches and industries. Climate management and action together, with your style.

Emissions inventory and offset platforms.
– Emissions calculators for individuals and companies;
– Impact platform for POS;
– Real Estate offsetting platform;
– Automotive offsetting platform;
 Integration with mobility services marketplaces;
– Agro sector offsetting platform;
– Carbon offset platform for the hospitality area;
– Carbon offset platform for the healthcare industry;
– Platform for accelerators, VCs and incubators.
Integrated ESG impact platforms.
By joining Orma API and our biodiversity platform, we create portfolios of ESG impact projects for social and environmental action within service marketplaces, whether for project sponsoring programs or distribution of bioproducts and carbon credits.
Corporate programs and customized products.

At Orma, we develop special climate action and management programs for corporate clients, combining strategic marketing, institutional partnerships, technology and access to the carbon market.

– Fleet management, fueling and logistics
– Private label products for banks
– Emissions offset on financial platforms
– Distribution of carbon credits on financial platforms
– Insurance upselling products
– Carbon Desks

And much more.
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Corporate climate management.

Together with the experienced GSS team, we develop climate management consulting projects and ESG engagement.

– Greenhouse gas emissions inventory;
– Carbon footprint;
– Climate and ESG training and awareness;
– Carbon pricing;
– Project Financing for sustainability projects;
– Origination and evaluation of projects to issue green bonds;
– Among others.
Want to know more?

We love challenges and are ready to create offset and climate action strategies for virtually any type of business. Please talk to our team now.


Hassle-free climate

Orma creates carbon neutral experiences through digital platforms.

Orma Auto B2B

Do you want to offer special conditions to your customers or employees to enjoy Orma Auto? Do you want to know our other B2B solutions?


Through an online platform, Repenso is a climate movement that will turn small business owners into protagonist of the low carbon economy.

Joining Repenso, our great corporate partners will create an unprecedented social and environmental impact by leading their value chain into the movement.

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Carbon market access.
Custom carbon credits bundle.
Real-time emissions inventory and offset.
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