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We develop carbon market assets.

Our solutions range from offering access to our carbon projects and credits, all the way to developing ESG assets to global purpose-driven companies and investors.

Carbon projects + carbon credits.

In addition to access to our portfolio, we develop projects for monetizing and increasing the value of forest areas and renewable energy units for investors and corporate clients.

Main types of projects.
Avoided Deforestation – including the acclaimed REDD+ model, we develop projects for the conservation of native species in forests around the world (especially Brazil, Latin America and Africa), with a high socio-environmental impact and market appeal.
Fuel Change – following the avoided emissions scope, we develop fuel switching projects in the operation of small manufacturing plants, with a high socio-economic impact.
Renewable Energy – we develop carbon projects in renewable energy generation units, such as wind and solar farms, hydroelectric plants and renewable biomass.
Avoided Methane – we develop carbon projects in landfills and farming operations.
Main carbon standards.
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Project financing + sustainable finance assets.

We've built a comprehensive network of financial partners to format ESG investment portfolios and sustainable project funding.


We build turn-key strategies, starting with the creation of financial instruments and financial assets distribution vehicles – e.g. climate bonds, green bonds, biodiversity bonds and sustainability-linked bonds – from origination, to management and evaluation of climate, sustainability and ESG projects.

Special Credits.

In addition to carbon credits, we work with the generation and sourcing of renewable energy certification credits (I-REC) – with which free and captive market consumers can attest that 100% of the energy used in their operation comes from renewable sources.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about our projects and credits, or find out how we can help to develop your portfolio, please contact our team by clicking on the button below.

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